About US

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First Pakistan water Pump was designed and manufactured by our company MUGHAL Trading Co. Master Domestic Pump was also launched for the rst time in Pakistan. We self designed and produced it, made in Pakistan from over Pumps Production. We were able to market and sale it throughout
Pakistan and also export to Bangladesh and Iran. On this achievement we received a Gold medal From Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Sohar Wardy in 1957 and 1958 we received another Silver medal from Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Sikandar Mirza. MUGHAL Trading Co. also participate in an exhibition in 1958 in Iran with Pride of rst Pakistan engineering product.


First Pakistan Desert Cooler and Domestic Washing Machine was designed and manufactured by our company. Sputnik Desert Cooler and Domestic Washing machine was produced by our company and successfully sold all over Pakistan and exported to U.A.E and Saudi Arabia.


Introduced rst time in Pakistan Commercial Kitchen equipment locally designed and manufactured at International Standard and successfully Sold all over Pakistan and export to U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Tashkent, Afghanistan and United Kingdom. Received several quality awards, exhibited our Product to Saudi Arabia, Malaysia.


Introduced (Ariston & Aster) Italian Domestic Kitchens and furniture the 3rdĀ  talian domestic Kitchen Company of Pakistan.


Set up a new Production unit in Sundar 2nd estate consist 3.75 Acres were we have a collaboration with an Italian Company 7 frigo, we can produceĀ  commercial cold rooms, display refrigerators and for bakeries, Super Markets, visi coolers and many commercial freezers and refrigerant equipment.


Started operations in Dubai where we successfully design & delivered complete projects of commercial kitchens.


Introducing Domestic Grease Kitchens completely build in Stainless Steel carefully designed for Domestic use.


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